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DieDeutschenSpiele DieDeutschenSpiele 10 August 2017

WOW! The new update 1.04

The new Update is just fabulous. It feels like you play the game for the first time. With my 6M Narrativium it wasn't a problem to unlock the second world. It looks very interesting and has many new mechanics. But at the start of the app thousand coins appear and that causes HEAVY lags.

New version - new stuff for the wiki! Updated the WannaReads, new Template:Upgrades and Infobox Upgrade, just look at Engine Upgrade and Portal! It looks new!

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DieDeutschenSpiele DieDeutschenSpiele 21 July 2017

20 Ideas for the next upgrades

Here are 20 Ideas for coming Updates:

  1. Balloon combining machine, which combines two balloons of same type slowly (example: 4 and 4=8).
  2. More Money for clicking the Gremlin.
  3. Automatically placed Sign at the machine which tells news or gives help.
  4. Direct link to the Wiki.
  5. Update texts at Kongregate.
  6. Watch an ad for a 3/5/10 minutes-long timeskip.
  7. Some background music.
  8. Sounds.
  9. Around-slasher (Not the best name, I know) which rotates all cogwheels around it a bit.
  10. Around-slasher Upgrade which increases how good it spins the wheels.
  11. Coin hall. Visit it and you can see all coins you've already collected. (Would be good for the wiki too)
  12. Double the zoom of in and out, it's not enough.
  13. One Button near to the upgrade to hide all upgrades
  14. Another Button that only shows the pur…
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