Island Grass.png

Floating Islands are the basic element of the Floating Islands world. All the other machines are placed on them. There are 12 slots around the island for the machines and constructions placement. Also some machines like Engines can be placed in the middle.

The Island core generates the energy automatically and powers the machines on it. It's possible to generate more energy for the island by placing Windmills or Lightning Rods on it.

Island Desert.png

There are 3 types of Islands: Grass Island, Sand Island and Snow Island. Each one generates a specific type of resource, besides the energy.

Grass Island produces Food, Sand Island produces Oil and Snow Island produces Water. There are special buildings, which boost the resource production: Farms and Fields for food, Oil wells and Refineries for oil, Ice Drills and Ice Hammers for water.

It's possible to boost the island itself by transporting there the resource, which not produced on it by Bridges and Cableways.

Island Ice.png

Only one Island is visible as the game starts, more of them can be discovered by the Scout Planes.

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