Steampunk Idle Spinner Wiki

The Gremlin which looks like a mouse or a groll, is the clickable (name of elements like this one in other idle games) appears randomly (~5 minutes) behind an element or at the game corners.


  1. Time speed
  2. Money
  3. Lower Price

The worst reward is Money trough, because it's not much, but the other two are very good, time speed gives a heavy boost and the low-price discount reduces prices for one entire run.

When clicked[]

When the Gremlins gets caught, it says this: ,,PLEASE, PLEASE, set me free!
I'll give you something"

- OK, you may go, little creature
(reward, ex:Baloon Speed 10.0% cheaper)
- OK, but show me interesting moving pictures first
(reward, ex:Baloon Speed 48% cheaper)