Steampunk Idle Spinner Wiki

Steampunk idle spinner is a game in the beta phase, so there are many bugs, here is a list of all known bugs in the game, removed ones are standing here too:

Spelling Errors[]

Since the first version there are spelling errors (many), like grammar errors.

Mine + x48 Speed = ZZZZZZZZZ Money[]

Since version 1.03 there is this one interesting bug first seen by User:DieDeutschenSpiele.


There was the Gremlin. I clicked it and choosed x48 speed (with ad) but then I was abled to build so many mines! At least 3. Then I placed some hammers there and then I was able to build more than 200 mines! And it was so crazy. Now I own 600 mines (I could build more), at least 1300 cogwheels and I just got in 10 minutes from 3 mines to around 600 because of the 48x speed. That are 8 Hours, but more than 597 new mines in that short time is just crazy.

5712 Narrativium, second run, money: 11Z(ZZZZZZZZZ) "

So, if you get the x48 Speed Effect from the Gremlin and place some hammers around your mines, you will be able to cheat through the game.

It will maybe be fixed in Update 1.04