Steampunk Idle Spinner Wiki
  1. Cogwheels. You can spin them with your finger, just like you spin a fidget spinner. You can connect new cogwheels to the existing ones to get the rotation speed multiplier.
  2. Engines. You can attach engines to the cogwheels to let them spin by themselves, even while your phone is off! You can upgrade the engines to let them spin faster
  3. Coin producing machine. Produces 1 coin per every 10 rotations of the attached cogwheel. Also rotates a small cogwheel, to which other elements can be connected.
  4. Coin collector. Collects all the coins produced. Can be upgraded to generate an interest rate of 0.1% of money stored.
  5. Balloon pumps. Creates balloons.
  6. Balloons. Fly all over the screen and bring you coins.
  7. Hammers. Hit the cogwheels to which they are attached.
  8. Hammer Upgrade. Make the hammers hit more frequently and harder
  9. Portal. It generates Narrativium, substance needed to restart the current world or travel between the worlds. In the next update its functions will be unlocked.
  10. Portal power element. Increases the portal's Narrativium production. Make sure to connect engine or a hammer to it, or spin with your swipes. First they gather energy from rotation, and then discharge to the portal.
  11. Portal power element upgrade. Makes them discharge with more power
  12. Mine. Works in quite an unusual way. It generates ore wagons, which, when transported to the Money producing machine, gives boost to its productivity. The longer the mine is operating, the higher boost the machine receives.