Steampunk Idle Spinner Wiki

Restart (or mainly Reset in other idle games) is one of the biggest key element of the game.

How to restart[]

First you need 100M to build a Portal. The Chargers produce Narrativium over time (you can upgrade them or even build Cogwheels at them, but only one per Charger works, the others have to be placed at that Cogwheel) that will get stored in the Portal. Yes, it's possible to have more than one Portal, but due to the price it's hard.

Then you should click on your number of Narrativium and store it for the next restart, or it will get overwritten. Then you click on a portal and restart. If you watch an Ad you can get more Narrativium, but the % of more Narrativium is randomly choosen. You should reclick until it's over 45%.

And then?[]

Until the restart a new chapter begins. You will have a big boost from your Narrativium and have to build everything again, but:

  1. This time it's quicker
  2. You can build your stuff at other places
  3. You will can produce even more Narrativium

The optimal Number of Narrativium is for the first restart ~4000, and then around three times more.