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Steampunk Idle Spinner - mechanical incremental game with mad science atmosphere

Spin the cogwheels, earn money, build your awesome steampunk machine and explore the worlds. Multiple incredible machines and elements to combine and upgrade!

There are 5 worlds with drastically diverse play rules now and you can explore them all! Total number of game installs exceeded 1 million by now!

Workshop, Clockwork city and Floating islands worlds are available in Steampunk Idle Spinner game

Assembly line world is available in the Engineer Millionaire game

Underwater world is available in the 20000 Cogs under the sea game

Game community is gathered here and in facebook group and counts over 7500 members now.


This wiki is used as Steampunk Idle Spinner Encyclopedia. Maybe you want to read Engine Upgrade , Workshop or Interest Rate ?

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Steampunk worlds

The basic idea of the game is to let the player travel across various steampunk (dieselpunk, clockworkpunk, gas lamp fantasy) worlds throught he Portals. Right now there are two worlds available: Workshop and Clockwork City The third world, Floating Islands is in development now.

Two more worlds were released as separate apps:

Assembly line factory: as "Engineer Millionaire" game

Underwater world: as "20 000 Cogs under the Sea" game

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