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Underwater world is available in the 20000 Cogs under the sea game

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Available machines and entities:

  • Underwater base - converts oxygen into money
  • Treasure chest - collects the money produced by the base
  • Underwater volcano - produces oxygen or other gases, which can be used for breath, converted into money or in chemical reactions to get other gases
  • Cog 2:1 - used to increase rotating speed
  • Hammer - hits underwater volcanoes for gas, can also hit Tap accumulators and underwater treasures
  • Clockwork engine - connects to the cog and spins it while you are away. Tap the engine to add extra charge
  • Tap accumulator - you tap it, and as the coin passes through it, the coin's value is increased by 1. Tap accumulators are stacked atop of your coins collector
  • Bubble duplicator - as the bubble passes it, it gets duplicated. For the performance reasons, sometimes a bubble copy is not created, but the bubble's value is doubled
  • Clockwork crab - wanders left and right the seabed and discovers new territories for you
  • Drill - as you spin it, drill down, eventually finds the deposits of ore and starts producing coins
  • Mechanical fish - transports resources (oxygen and coins) to your base
  • Octopus - extracts tentacles and spins cogs. Grows more tentacles when upgraded
  • Air pipe - transports air underwater, can slope only upwards
  • Whale attractor - emits infrasound, which attracts whales, the whales bring air from the water surface. This air is then transported to your base
  • Whale - appears every time you buy an attractor. Brings air from the surface
  • Squirrel wheel - powerful engine, when fed with air bubbles.
  • Water filter - filters gold right from the ocean water
  • Gas mixer - mixes air with the red gas and produces green gas
  • Base booster - gathers red or green gas and boosts your base
  • Treasure lootbox - you'll find it occasionally on a seabed. Tap it do get some gold
  • Submarines factory - floats in the water, as you spin its cog, will produce Scout submarines
  • Scout submarine - expands your visible aquatory
  • Atlantis crystal - generates the field around, which makes the engines work 100x faster
  • Gearbox - increases the rotation speed 10 times
  • Bubbles switch - separates the flow of bubbles: to the right and to the left
  • Portal - generates narrativum and lets you restart the game and play with a bonus or travel to other worlds
  • Narrativium machine - produces boosts in exchange of narrativium. Spins the cogs nearby